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About Us

About usDear Customer,

As a General Manager, I have the pleasure to present Customs Agency “Hebros”. We have established our firm in 1990 and since then we continue to develop and improve our services to meet the ever increasing demands of customers worldwide.  Our core business is customs agency services, completion and certification of all documents and certificates necessary for Customs Offices. “Hebros” has permanent Customs AgentLicense № 7-2/27.04.2000 issued by the Ministry of Finance and is a member of the Bulgarian Union for Customs and Foreign Trade Services. Our long experience, thorough knowledge of economics and law, professional and competent team, conveniently located facility equipped with the latest Customs software and hardware, make us not only one of the first registered, but one of the leading customs agencies in the country.

Contact us, and you will always receive competent consultation about all kinds of export and import. Get in touch with us and we will present your goods and loads in the most advantageous for you way before Customs Office.  Our professionalism and responsibility are the key to your success.



Yours faithfully,
Olya Ilcheva
Dipl. Engineer  
Инж. Оля Илчева





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